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Reliability is #1.
Because they completely understand our business, Titanium is the only partner we allow onsite, unsupervised. It’s a partnership. In a crisis, they respond with absolute urgency and professionalism with whatever resources are required.
Damien Haddad
Regional Operations Manager, Australasia. Orange Business Services
What your team has done out there is quite impressive.
Good work in cleaning it up, and also in ID’ing the electrical issues, getting the lights sorted, etc. It was also nice to see a comprehensive set of photos for all the differing routines.
Ian Cosgrove
FOPS & CAD Manager. Indara Pty Ltd.
Very professional and easy to work with.
The Sydney Harbour Tunnel is a very high profile site and if our equipment is not maintained or installed properly we have the potential to cripple access and egress to and from Sydney. Titanium have been a maintenance contractor to us for many years, and, have won by competitive tender, works for new installations. These works have been completed in consultation with us as the works have to be completed outside normal working hours. We have found Titanium, very professional and easy to work with.
Bob Allen
General Manager, Sydney Harbour Tunnel
Titanium's Commitment to Generator Performance Standards at RAAF Base Williamtown
We would like to acknowledge Titanium’s efforts in resolving the RAAF Base Williamtown Aircraft Control Tower generator malfunction. Upon testing the generators Titanium discovered that the two generators that back up this facility had not been commissioned correctly causing reliability problems and the associated operational disruptions. This demonstrated Titanium’s commitment to ensuring the performance standards of our emergency generators.
Greg Brierle
General Manager BGIS - Estate Upkeep - Defence
Halved Contract P1 Reactive Times
Your teams can do, drop everything attitude has not gone unnoticed and it has made managing critical infrastructure on behalf of Optus a breeze. Contract P1 reactive from this time in 2019 to now have been halved, which can be attributed to quality maintenance practices.
Brendan Purser
Technical Facility Manager - Optus
Quick Response and Dedicated Efforts
Paul, please pass on our thanks to the entire Titanium team for their quick response on Sunday night and getting us out of trouble. The efforts and motivation, along with the dedication, to work through the night, ensured that all power and asset issues were addressed and the site was left in a safe condition for our staff on Monday morning. Thanks again.
Craig Schofield
Account Director - Department of Communities, Justice Portfolio, & Law Courts - BGIS
Saving $40k in Costs
I just wanted to call out the solid outcome provided to us by Titanium at the above site. We were looking at $50k, or significantly greater, to resolve an electrical issue caused back in the year 2000. Around this is a difficult renegotiation, which was being held up and complicated by the problem. After a couple of months to resolve the matter, Wa Mio of BGIS put Titanium on the job. The end result of the issue was properly resolved in a matter of months at a cost of only around $10k
Richard Opie
Property and Leasing Executive - Network Deployment - Optus
Expertise Resolves Decade-long Generator Issue at Palmerston Satellite Site
I would like to express my thanks to Owen for his efforts in getting the generator at Palmerston Satellite sorted. This generator has been problematic for over 10 years and numerous generator techs attempt to get it running correctly. Richard (Optus), who manages the site has been hard to please, but Owen has managed to impress him with getting the generator working correctly.
Chris Knight
Technical Facility Manager - QLD/NT/WA - Optus
Skill and Commitment Instrumental in Resolving EPG Issues at Sunshine Site
Please pass on to Titanium a kudos for Anthony Dalterio. He has continued to display a high level of skill, knowledge and commitment to his work. Specifically, I think he needs recognition for efforts displayed at Sunshine for the duration of the EPG issues we had out there. He (and also the other VIC Titanium guys) were across virtually every aspect of the incident and were instrumental in getting the desired outcome
Mate Krunes
Technical Facilities Manager - BGIS (Optus)
Proactive Approach and Quick Actions Prevent Potential Outage and Fire Risk at O2VB - Broken Back / Polkolbin Site
One of Optus's key behaviours is recognising impact in the moment, and I'd like to extend my thanks to one of your employees, Matt Arnold. Recently, Matt was onsite at O2VB - Broken Back / Polkolbin completing work for another client when he identified a hot joint on an incoming service fuse to the Optus shelter. Rather than just leave as it wasn't in his scope of works (and he was on site for another client!), Matt took the initiative to contact BGIS to report the issue and after given approval, proceeded to rectify the issue. His actions prevented what would have been a future unplanned outage, and eliminate a potential fire risk as this could have been a potential source of ignition
Dearnne Rankin
Vendor Services Manager - Optus
9-Year Collaboration with Orange Business Delivers Cost-Effective Solutions and Successful Procurement Projects
As the Sourcing and Procurement lead for ANZ at Orange Business I have been engaged with Paul and his team at Titanium for over 9 years. We have not only developed and maintained a robust and successful relationship but have also managed to secure and succeed many large scale procurement projects delivering cost effective solutions for Orange Business. Paul and his team have a high level of expertise when it comes to project delivery and securing successful outcomes for a complex business such as Orange Business. Their commercial and technical functions are superbly managed and we have no issues at hand in executing multiple contracts and ongoing scope of works for all of our deliverables across the business. In terms of professional capacity, Paul is an expert in negotiation and business continuity, He makes a point of it to have our regular end of year business reviews with himself his team together with our core team prior to Christmas and Paul has always made this point a priority to ensure we have a successful and positive impact on not just our relationship but ongoing business support where required
Ramez Khavari
Customer Project Sourcing – APAC, Orange Business