Your facility’s electrical switchboards – also known as main and distribution boards – are enclosures that split incoming mains power into the separate circuits that exist in your commercial building or data centre.

This enclosure also houses the critical safety devices that protect your electrical infrastructure, such as circuit breakers and residual current devices (RCDs).

Given the individual importance of each of the elements housed in the switchboard, it is critical that the switchboard remains in good working order: a single fault in the switchboard could shut down your facility’s entire electrical supply. Neglecting to maintain your switchboard can cause several problems:

  • Circuit breakers or RCDs tripping too frequently (false positives), shutting off power unnecessarily
  • Circuit breakers or RCDs not tripping when there is a fault (false negatives), leading to personal injury, fatalities, or equipment damage
  • Excess heat leading to fires, or in some instances explosion

Each of these can be costly, either in terms of unnecessary business downtime, damage to assets, or harm to staff or customers.

We provide routine switchboard assessment and maintenance, to prevent switchboard failure. This maintenance includes:

  • Cleaning of dust
  • Temperature/thermal checks
  • Looking for evidence of vermin
  • Ensuring that penetrations are sealed
  • Checking the switchboard legend
  • Checking the weather seal
  • Inspecting for corrosion

All work is conducted in accordance with the Australian standard AS 2467-2008 (“Maintenance of electrical switchgear”).

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