Air circuit breakers (ACBs) protect electrical circuits from damage caused by excess current, which can occur in the instance of overcurrent or short circuit.

When an ACB detects a current that is greater than expected, it “trips” – the contacts within the ACB separate, creating an arc. The ACB uses air to extinguish this arc, interrupting the circuit and protecting your equipment.

There are several types of ACB commonly in operation, and all require regular maintenance to function correctly. Circuit breakers can exhibit several types of faults, including failure to trip when excess current is present, or tripping unnecessarily when there is no excess.

Potential consequences of not maintaining your ACB include:

  • Failure to operate when required
  • Injury to staff or customers
  • Damage to expensive equipment
  • Unnecessary business downtime
  • Fires within switchboards

Each of these consequences can be costly to a commercial building or data centre operator. Regular inspection and maintenance of ACBs can help detect any potential faults and prevent these costly outcomes.

We will test your ACBs in accordance with Australian standard AS 2467-2008 (“Maintenance of electrical switchgear”).

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