We challenge the norms

Our technicians look for ways to save you money. We research and test new technologies so that we can provide you with cost saving options. A recent example is we enabled our client to save significantly on their energy bill by installing a new modular 500 KVa UPS into their ‘live’ data centre.

Because we are an independent, privately owned business, there are no limitations of our ability to find the right products for your facility. Our technicians understand how to integrate old with new. When we install a new PLC control system for you, you can be 100% confident we will test and verify it communicates as required with your integrated systems.

Smart technologies backed by independent advice:
  • Wireless monitoring systems
    We install wireless technology, so you have better reliability and real-time information about your critical assets and infrastructure. This technology tells you instantaneously of any faults that have occurred, as opposed to having to wait for the fault to be found on the next maintenance visit.
  • Modular UPS installations
    Our technicians are experienced in replacing old static UPS systems with new, energy efficient, modular UPS systems in live critical environments.
  • Power analysis and data logging
    We provide a detailed report with a summary of issues and recommendations, so you can make informed decisions.
  • Embedded metering networks with remote read capabilities
    Our technicians install embedded utility networks to facilitate the on-selling of gas, electricity or water.
  • Energy efficient lighting upgrades, including assistance with Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s)
    We take care of REC’s, so you don’t have to.
  • Energy management audits and recommendations
    Our comprehensive report tells you the energy savings you can expect to achieve.