Standby generators – also known as backup generators – are a critical element of ensuring continuity of power supply to your commercial building or data centre.

Standby generators will activate when the mains power fails and start to supply power to your facility. This allows the businesses and operations located in your facility to continue operation until mains power comes back online. This continuity of power supply is important for several reasons:

  • To ensure that businesses can continue to operate during a mains power failure
  • To prevent the loss of business-critical data located on storage that uses mains power
  • To prevent electrical equipment from being damaged by suddenly being deprived of power

It’s therefore imperative that you keep your generators well-maintained, so they can operate without a hitch in the event they are required.

Titanium Services Group can service diesel and gas generators, to make sure you have emergency power when you need it. Power generation maintenance from Titanium includes:

  • Complete mechanical service
  • Load bank testing
  • Alternator checks
  • Fuel condition checks
  • Exhaust checks
  • Coolant and fluid level checks
  • Electrical and mechanical testing
  • Battery testing

All work is carried out in accordance with the Australian standard AS/NZS 3010:2017 (“Electrical installations – Generating sets”).

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