Standby generators and uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) provide emergency power to the equipment and businesses in your facility when mains power fails.

But if not properly maintained and regularly tested, these emergency power supplies may not work correctly when they are required. The consequences of generator or UPS failure can take several forms:

  • Business downtime when the power is out
  • Damage to important electrical assets when the power is suddenly disconnected
  • Loss of business data when storage devices are corrupted in a sudden mains power fault

Regular dummy load testing helps ensure your generators and UPS are ready to activate in the event of a mains power failure. Dummy loads – sometimes known as load banks – are used to test standby generators, UPS and batteries. These dummy loads are used to simulate real loads – like a fleet of servers in a data centre, or the collective operation of a commercial building’s businesses – in order to test whether an emergency power source (like a generator or UPS) is capable of supporting that load, when required.

We can undertake dummy load testing of your critical emergency power equipment, such as diesel generators, batteries and UPS. All work on generators is carried out in accordance with AS/NZS 3010:2017 (“Electrical installations – Generating sets”), while all UPS testing is compliant with AS IEC 62040.3-2012 (“Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) Method of specifying the performance and test requirements”).

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