Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) play an integral role in keeping electrical devices running in the event of power supply interruptions.

UPS store energy in batteries and, when a power supply abnormality occurs, will supply power to electrical equipment. This supply of power is instantaneous, meaning that if there is a power failure, there will be little or no disruption to your electrical equipment.

The installation of UPS systems at critical locations in your facility is necessary to ensure the continued operation of equipment in the event of power failure. It is crucial to keep your UPS systems in good working order. Failure to correctly maintain UPS and batteries could lead to:

  • Business downtime due to non-operational equipment
  • Damage to electrical assets that are suddenly deprived of power
  • Loss of important data from storage corrupted by sudden loss of power

We will test your UPS and batteries, diagnose any problems and provide solutions, to ensure your UPS systems are functioning properly. All work will be undertaken in accordance with Australian standard AS IEC 62040.3-2012 (“Uninterruptible power systems (UPS) Method of specifying the performance and test requirements”), which provides performance and test requirements for a complete UPS system.

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