An embedded network is a private electricity network operated by the owner of a commercial building. Creating an embedded network allows the building owner to sell electricity to the businesses housed within that building.

In such a scenario, the building’s owner committee or strata management body becomes an “embedded network operator” (ENO). An ENO can purchase energy in bulk from an energy retailer at a discount rate, and sell that energy on to organisations located within the building. This allows the building owner to provide energy to tenants at a cheaper rate than what each tenant would receive if they were to purchase energy directly from the utility provider.

Creation of an embedded network requires special configuration of the building’s electrical wiring. Deploying an embedded network provides several benefits to the building owner:

  • cheaper energy for tenants makes the building more attractive to potential tenants that are looking for new premises
  • selling energy to tenants provides an additional source of revenue to the building owner

We are an embedded network provider, and can create an embedded network in your commercial building, to allow you to resell energy to your tenants.

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